Ashley Summers, along with her son C.J., own the Circle-R Ranch—boarding horses in California’s San Fernando Valley foothills. Having carved out a comfortable lifestyle, they enjoy the simplicity of small ranch life. But when Ashley receives devastating news, she acts impulsively. Attending her 25-year high school reunion, Ashley hopes to reconnect with Austin Taylor—her high school sweetheart—the only man she’s ever loved. Unfortunately, Ashley realizes too late that going back in time is not as easy as she thought. 

     Austin spent years looking for Ashley. When he sees her at their class reunion, he’s shocked, but even more shaken when she leaves without offering any explanation for her disappearance years ago. Having no intention of letting her walk out of his life for a second time, Austin follows her, hoping to get some answers.


     C.J. isn’t thrilled with his mother’s walk down memory lane or Austin’s interference. Even so, he tries to give them their space. But when he discovers Willow, one of their employees, is in an abusive relationship, he cannot idly stand by. C.J. decides to intervene—a move that could prove deadly. 

Survivors, Ashley and Austin, dare to recapture the love they once shared.


Fighters, C.J. and Willow, must decide if love can be kindled in the most difficult of circumstances.


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Just An Act
Mitch Burk wants to change his future
before it's too late.

Beth Justin wants to hold on to her past
before it slips away.

     Mitch Burk wants to disappear. Known as Simon Grey-Hollywood heartthrob-Mitch decides to walk away from the celebrity lifestyle that is slowly killing him. Needing some peace and quiet and a place where he can regroup, Mitch hitches an Airstream trailer to an old Suburban and just drives. Unfortunately, he ends up in the middle of Kansas with a busted windshield, a rebellious teenager, and on the wrong side of Beth Justin-the owner of the Diamond-J ranch. Knowing he's an unwanted guest, Mitch plan to move on as soon as his truck is repaired. However, the longer he stays on the Diamond-J, the more he comes to appreciate the high plains of Kansas and the quiet faith of a certain blue-eyes ranch owner.

     Beth Justin has not had an easy life. A teen pregnancy, a broken heart, and the death of her parents has left Beth with a fragile faith, a defiant son, and the Diamond-J ranch. When Mitch Burk show up unexpectedly, Beth has no idea who he is-only that he's a nuisance and a real pain in her side. Begrudgingly, she allows him to stay on the Diamond-J while his truck is repaired. Beth soon comes to appreciate Mitch's help not only around the ranch, but with her son as he navigates the trappings of adolescence. When Beth's appreciation for Mitch turns in to attraction, she hides her feelings, convinced he'll only end up breaking her heart.

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One Saturday

A random act of violence brings two strangers together.


A violent attack leaves Amber Porter hospitalized and alone. Consumed by fear, she’s terrified her assailants will come back and finish what they started. Questioning why God would allow her to be so brutally violated, Amber’s fragile faith is put to the test.


Steven Levitt is devastated when he finds Amber’s battered body in the park. As she clings to life, he promises to stay with her. Steven makes good on his promise and becomes a fixture in her everyday routine, helping Amber put the pieces of her life back together.


Can unconditional love turn tragedy into triumph?


Amber struggles with her growing attraction for Steven. He’s everything a woman could want in a man, but he deserves so much more than she can offer him. Putting Steven’s best interest before her own, Amber pushes him away for his own protection.


Steven’s feelings for Amber deepen, but he’s concerned if he admits it to her, it will jeopardize their budding relationship. Knowing Amber’s emotions are fragile, Steven holds back.


When it’s apparent Amber’s life might be in further danger, Steven refuses to stay away. He made a promise and intends on keeping it. With what few leads they have, the police do all they can to keep Amber safe and out of harm’s way.


Will it be enough? Or is Amber running out of time?

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Badge of Respect

In order to catch a serial killer targeting prostitutes, Detective Joanna Anderson will have to put her skills as a cop, steadfast faith, and wavering heart to the ultimate test.

After filing charges against her ex-partner for excessive force, Police Officer Joanna Anderson becomes an outcast among the rank and file. When promoted to detective to fill a quota, she has to prove to an all-male team of detectives she is qualified and deserving of the promotion. 

Being partnered with T. J. Owens-the precinct playboy-makes an already complicated transition all the more difficult. Though Joanna has very little in common with her drinking, carousing partner, she soon glimpses the man behind the façade and realizes there’s more to T.J. than meets the eye. Joanna feels a relationship with T.J. is out of the question, but has a hard time convincing her heart. When she meets Keith Michaels-a missionary doctor-she is torn between two men who are polar opposites.

Dealing with wounds from her past, harassment at the station, and her own tumultuous personal life, Joanna struggles to understand the adversity

Criminal Obsession
Michal “Mike” Madigan has lived in Emerald Lake all her life. Her work as a forensic pathologist and county Medical Examiner is her passion, but few understand the pain that fuels her obsessive dedication.

After 20 years as a metro police officer, Detective Tyler Mason is looking forward to his new job in the small, rural town of Emerald Lake. Ready to leave big city crime behind, he looks forward to the slower, simpler pace of the quaint, lakeside community. He doesn’t realize he will soon be caught up in a terrifying whirlwind of danger and violence.

At first Tyler loves everything about his new job—that is until he meets Mike Madigan. Their first encounter is anything but friendly. While she questions his ability to do his job, he accuses her of being as cold as the victims she works on. When forced by his boss to make peace, Tyler decides to give friendship a try.

The sudden appearance of a copycat killer at Emerald Lake jars Mike and Tyler’s world. Terrifying clues are left at the murder scenes threatening Mike’s life. The pressures of the case force her to deal with the ghosts from her past and come to terms with a God she bitterly resents. Tyler’s faith is the one thing that holds him steady, but will it be strong enough to help him solve the case before it destroys the woman he’s falling in love with?

Abandoned Identity
A corporate clash. 
A complicated romance. 
A shocking secret. 
A dangerous journey. 

Jennifer Patterson and Harrison Lynch don’t see eye-to-eye. Since the day corporate brought him in to fill the job that should have been hers, they’ve been at odds. That is until one night when they are stuck in their corporate offices by an unexpected blizzard and Harrison sees her in an entirely different light.

Full Disclosure
A quiet beachfront town. An attempted hit. A shaky romance. An unexpected twist. From the moment you open Full Disclosure, you’ll be drawn into the page-turning action that unfolds as Ciara and Jack are thrown together by a hit man’s bullet. Was the target meant to be the successful artist that Ciara grew up with, or the mysterious recluse who lives in a sprawling mansion down the beach?

You’ll be swept into the action, intrigue, and romance that unfold in this quiet, beachfront community. The threat of permanent blindness for the artist and Ciara’s lack of trust, which threatens to keep her locked within a wall of protection, cause them to seek God’s direction in a more meaningful way that they ever had before. They knew God could meet their needs, but how?