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Two people thrown together by tragic circumstances
must learn to rely on each other, so they can heal and move on.
But long-hidden secrets threaten to rip them apart.


Kathryn James has lived in fear most her life. So when her parents arrange for her to marry a widower with an infant daughter, Kathryn agrees. Hoping to leave her fears behind, Kathryn starts a new life with Travis Clark and little Matilda. Though she bonds with Matilda immediately, she must work to break down the wall Travis has built between them. Over time, a relationship begins to bloom, but Kathryn’s past—and the secrets she holds—jeopardizes her hope for a happily ever after.

Though Travis Clark is still grieving the loss of his wife, he needs to find someone to care for his infant daughter.  Desperate, with nowhere to turn, he marries Kathryn James. However, what starts as a practical arrangement, slowly turns into something more. But when Travis finds out Kathryn has been living a lie, he’s destroyed by her betrayal.

Can Kathryn and Travis move on when justice stands between the past and their future?



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