In order to catch a serial killer targeting prostitutes, Detective Joanna Anderson will have to put her skills as a cop, steadfast faith, and wavering heart to the ultimate test.

After filing charges against her ex-partner for excessive force, Police Officer Joanna Anderson becomes an outcast among the rank and file. When promoted to detective to fill a quota, she has to prove to an all-male team of detectives she is qualified and deserving of the promotion.

Being partnered with T. J. Owens-the precinct playboy-makes an already complicated transition all the more difficult. Though Joanna has very little in common with her drinking, carousing partner, she soon glimpses the man behind the façade and realizes there’s more to T.J. than meets the eye. Joanna feels a relationship with T.J. is out of the question, but has a hard time convincing her heart. When she meets Keith Michaels-a missionary doctor-she is torn between two men who are polar opposites.

Dealing with wounds from her past, harassment at the station, and her own tumultuous personal life, Joanna struggles to understand the adversity God has allowed in her life and clings to the hope that her faith will see her through.

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