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One Saturday

5 out of 5 stars - Magnificent

Doris Bernethy - Amazon Reviewer

     One Saturday is one of the most remarkable and intriguing books I have ever read. Amber Porter, a lovely young lady, decides one Saturday afternoon to walk home through the park carrying her groceries after learning her car repairs would be delayed. This simple decision changed her life forever. She was brutally attacked by two men, raped, beaten, and left for dead.
     Steven Leavitt, a young successful businessman, was jogging through the park when his dog suddenly veered off the path and wouldn't return. On investigation, Steven finds Amber barely clinging to life, calls for help, and promises not to leave her.
     Someone now wants Amber dead. Steven is determined to protect her and help her through her agonizing recovery. As the threats escalate, Amber is put under 24-hour police protection and is literally sequestered for her own safety. Steven's feeling begin to grow and change; he is falling in love but will Amber ever feel safe enough to trust any man again. In spite of her situation, she is beginning to care deeply for Steven, as well but feels it unfair for him to accept her with all that has transpired, and she feels defiled. Steven continues to demonstrate his love and care as he helps her struggle through the nightmares and panic attacks. In spite of all the protective measures, Amber is again attacked, this time in her home, but is a tenacious survivor.
     This is a very in depth story depicting the physical and emotional trauma of an assault and its extended aftermath. It is also a beautiful and triumphant love story between two unlikely individuals. I wish there were a higher rating available because this book certainly exceeds five stars. It is a magnificent book that I treasure. Ms. Tilley has a very difficult task ahead of her if she hopes to write a book that will surpass the excellence of One Saturday.



5 out of 5 stars - Tamara Tilley has done a good job describing the horror a woman suffers through 

Jon Latham - Amazon Reviewer

     One Saturday is a romance/suspense novel and Tamara Tilley has done a good job describing the horror a woman suffers through, during and after a brutal assault. Amber comes through the assault alive and receives support and encouragement from a man that may or may not be a knight in shining armor. Adding to the questions she has about the man, is the realization that her attackers are still out there and have learned she survived and can identify them.


5 out of 5 stars – Love It!

Ellen Weaver – Amazon Reviewer

     I love the way Tamara writes. Her words have a way of taking you there. You can almost picture it like you were standing there. The emotion in her writing is how I believe I would feel going through the same situation. This book didn't disappoint it had its ups and downs and suspense. It's never a perfect path when you find God in your story and Tamara always presents this real.


5 out of 5 stars – Wonderful Book!

S. Lazenby – Kindle Reviewer

     Like Tamara Tilley's other books, this one did not disappoint! The story of Steven and Amber is beautiful and moving. It has plenty of romance and suspense, and it may bring you to tears as well. Amber's story shows how God can take a tragedy and turn it into something beautiful. Tamara Tilley is one of my favorite authors - get this book today!


Reviews of Badge of Respect
- Amazon Reviewer
     This is my first time reading a book by this author, and at first I was really surprised by how different it was from other books in the Christian genre. That ended up being its biggest strength for me. It was real and gritty and Joanna had to deal with a LOT of awful crap. The author pulled no punches and I admired her for it. So many Christian books make life seem easy and problems aren't that difficult to deal with. This one approached a hard situation and didn't sugarcoat it. The pacing was really fast. I think I read it all in one sitting, actually!
     I thought that the plot twists were good and the ending was nothing like I'd expected. That was disappointing on one hand....and also refreshing. I like that she surprised me. I think the execution could have been handled with a little more skill, but I'm certain that is something that can be worked on. I appreciated the risks that the author took and I really think that she's a unique voice that the genre needs. I'm looking forward to seeing how she develops her craft in future books.
     I received a free copy from the author in exchange for review.

4 out of 5 stars  I liked this book
By ASchlon - Kindle Reviewer
     I liked this book. As others have said, it isn't your typical police procedural or romance. The conflict at the beginning of the story, after learning of the tragedy of Joanna's childhood, was a great way to start it off. It was great to follow the main character as she overcame obstacles and proved herself. In a field dominated by men, Joanna proved her self and earned the respect of her male counterparts. Being Christian fiction, I loved the way the Christian theme was woven into the story but was not overpowering. The message was clear, but not burdensome.
      The reason I am giving this book 4 stars is that the ending bugged me. I didn't like it. I hope we will see more of these characters one day.
     I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest feview.

5 out of 5 stars It'll stir up your emotions!
By Deanna Stevenson - Kindle Reviewer
     I was pulled right into this book right from the start! Joanna's life was never the same after an accident took her parents lives. She becomes a police officer and being a woman never makes that an easy job. I was pulled into her life and the unusual circumstances of her job. A serial murderer of prostitutes, harassment on the job, not easily trusting any partner after she turns in a corrupt partner, going undercover, Joanna has her faith and little else to rely on.. Realistic and characters that reach right into your emotions! A police drama of murder, suspense and romance made this a true to life good story.

5 out of 5 starAnother Tilley Must Read!
By Vennesa M. Alfaro - Amazon Reviewer
     Loved this book. Thought it would take awhile to read (especially on a teacher's schedule). But once I opened it, it was hard to put down. Ms. Tilley made each character feel like a real person. Each time Joanna cried, I wanted to put my arms around her to comfort her. Each chapter was an important part of the story. What made the book even better was how Ms. Tilley made sure Joanna's struggles with God and herself heard. The ending is realistic and allows readers to believe the story even more!

4 out of 5 stars  A Must Read
By Molly Malloyon - Kindle Reviewer
     Not your typical romantic novel, that's for sure. This was really well done and the ending is a surprise. (Although I felt like it rushed to the conclusion but that's because the rest is so detailed!) Really well written and engaging. And yes, Dorothy you aren't in Kansas anymore so you don't always get the ending you would expect or even hope for! That's probably what makes it so good. A thoroughly entertaining must read!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Author!
S. Lazenby - Amazon Reviewer

     I have read all four of Tamara Tilley's books and highly recommend them! As a Christian author, she includes a lot of romance, as well as suspense, and deals with struggles that real people face. This book is very good, and I can't wait for her next one to come out!

5.0 out of 5 stars Riveting and SuspensefulDecember 30, 2014
GMC - Amazon Reviewer

From the very first page Badge of Respect immediately throws you into a heart-wrenching scene. The development of the characters is compelling and true to life. I couldn't put the book down and finished it in a day.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars It's a must read! January 2, 2015
Jennifer - Amazon Reviewer

I'm a fairly picky avid reader and don't often take time to write reviews. However, I have read all of Tamara Tilley's books and can't say enough good about them. From cover to cover the characters draw you into their lives. The plots are full of unexpected and realistic twists and turns that keep you glued to the pages. Very literally, I couldn't put this book down. Her characters are real and relatable, and Tamara strikes a perfect balance of suspense, romance, intrigue and detail. I don't know how she does it. The ending in this particular book will leave you like no other novel.

Reviews of Criminal Obsession
Criminal Obsession reads like a Dee Henderson novel with strong, engaging characters and knife edge suspense.  Mike is as strong as she is vulnerable making her a fantastic character as she solves murders yet is burdened by the one she couldn't.  Tyler has more layers than the usual male lead, devoted to God as he battle temptation and the pain of a wayward sister.  There is plenty of back story and suspense to keep the pages turning at a great rate and while my initial guess of the killer's identity proved correct there were enough twists to keep me doubting.  Tamara Tilley continues to sharpen her craft and carve herself a deserved place in the romantic suspense genre.
Relz Reviewz

Well, WOW . . . I finished reading Criminal Obsession this morning.  I was Miss Witchie Woman to everyone until I read the last page.  What a page turner it was!  What a nail-biting ride.  I loved Tyler.  What a great hero.  Anyway, I thought I would let you know I LOVED the book!  So, I'm ready for the next one.  Bring it on girl! 
Sherry – CA

I finished reading Criminal Obsession late last night.  Oh, what a fascinating book!  I believe it is the most suspenseful mystery thriller I have ever read (and I like Dee Henderson and Susan May Warren).  There was such attention to detail.  You (Tamara) have again demonstrated my belief that a good book does not need to contain foul language or explicit sex, it just needs a skilled author. 
Doris - IN

I just finished Criminal Obsession.  I'm not a reader, but I have to tell you I LOVED this book.  I cried and smiled and could feel the story in my heart.  Thank you and I thank God for giving you the gift of writing.
Paula - CA

Criminal Obsession is one of the best books Tamara has written.  It is so captivating and draws you into the plot so well, you feel like you are part of the action.  I love how Tamara share the Christian faith through her books but isn't too pushy.  And, I love how she writes about real-life circumstances.  If you want to read a book full of suspense and romance, Criminal Obsession is for you!
Jennalee - CA

I am usually a slow reader because I love to absorb the story I'm reading.  Well, I absorbed Criminal Obsession and finished it in two days.  Keep up the great work.
Debbie - CA

Just wanted to let you know I finished your book (C.O.) and it was awesome!  I don't have a lot of time to sit down and read, but I found myself being sucked into your book and I couldn't put it down.  Thanks for the nights of little sleep :)
Toni – NV
Reviews of Abandoned Identity

"An exciting, suspenseful tale that will break your heart one minute and send you soaring upon the highest mountains the next, a story of how God can reach down through the love of one man and rescue a precious woman from a dark pit of anger, fear, and betrayal."
-M.L. Tyndall, author of The Redemption and The Reliance

"Tamara Tilley's second novel delves in to a world of murder, betrayal, deception and revenge! That said, the developing relationship between Harrison, a man of integrity and achievement and Jennifer, a woman with a past so complicated by secrets and betrayals that she shuns any form of emotional attachment, that captured me.  You ride the waves of emotions that both plague and bless the characters as they struggle to find common ground on issues of faith, integrity and commitment.  There is an edginess to Abandoned Identity, not always expected in Christian books, as attraction and temptation are addressed honestly in this character driven novel.  Abandoned Identity and Tamara's first book, Full Disclosure have fascinated me and I look forward to reading more from her in the future."
-Relz Reviewz

Abandoned Identity was full of suspense and drama. And while the plot seemed a bit far fetched to me at times I still enjoyed all the twists and turns.  Jennifer reminded me of someone I once knew who was strong, independent and capable of excelling at whatever she put her hand to in spite of less than ideal circumstances. Not your average character or your average woman, Jennifer has it all together externally and doesn't stop long enough to reflect on the true state of her life and whether God cares about her. Harrison is the type of guy that every woman dreams of. He respects his parent's, cares for his wayward brother and clearly demonstrates his care for Jennifer. While his past isn't perfect and his track record in regard to Jennifer is rough at best, he realizes his need for God and seeks to honor Him. And if he sometimes seems too good to be true, he is still the type of guy that every girl dreams of being pursued by.  Abandoned Identity was an enjoyable read - a fast paced story of two lives and the overseeing hand of God.
-Rachelle - Budapest, Hungary, Shelfari Reader

I absolutely recommend reading Abandon Identity by Tamara Tilley.  This story will have you reeling at the possibilities.  The excitement and constant twists keep you on your toes and you won't want to miss a moment of it.  Tamara did such wonderful work in her writing; you can literally see the tale unfolding in your mind.  I believe this is one of those books whose story would make an incredible film. 
Mandy - blogger

I just finished your book Abandoned Identity.  WOW!  It was absolutely awesome!  Really a fabulous read!  How do you do it?  Please let me know when you next book is due out!
Toni - Nevada

Just recently found out about your books through Crossings. I order Abandoned Identity. Loved it and immediately began to search for any others you had. Was able to special order Full Disclosure. Finished it after midnight last night. Loved it also. I would really like to see some sequels to both books with updates on "continuing characters". Ordered two additional copies of Abandoned Identity to use as gifts--I am not about to loan my copy to anyone! Keep up the great work. 
Doris - Indiana

This was a fascinating mystery read!  I read it in an entire afternoon, because I simply could not put it down. 

A co-worker loaned me Abandoned Identity.She said I would love it and she was right. It is a very good book, keeps you in suspense. Look foward to reading others by Tamara. I recommend for anyone who loves to read a little romance, mystery and suspense. Keeps you guessing the whole time. Definitely five stars in my book.
Tammy C - NC

I have read both of your books and loved them both. I purchased them at Hume Lake. When will your next book be in print I can not wait to read it.
Karen Garren - CA

Tamara, I found your book, Abandoned Identity on Crossings and purchased it. What an interesting story. I read it in 2 nights. You have a wonderful gift of telling stories - to the point, not too busy with so many characters. I'm going to purchase your first book soon. Keep up your wonderful writing. May God Bless you.
Nancy Cashatt – NC

From the first page to the last I was involved. I couldn't put it down. Thanks for another great book!
Jessica - CA

I loved it!!! It was so good. I can't wait to read another. Keep em coming.
Denise - CA

This book is amazing.  I loved it right up to the last page.  
Julie - CA

I loved Abandoned Identity, and once again I couldn't put it down!  I'm amazed by your ideas and imagination.  
Chris - OH   

Tamara Tilley has outdone herself this time! I was hooked from the first page. There were many twists and turns to the storyline--I didn't want to put it down. Abandoned Identity has a very intriguing storyline which touches on faith, betrayal, and well as overcoming a painful past and learning to trust and love. I felt real empathy for the characters, Harrison and Jennifer, as they struggled to find a way to be together despite the tremendous odds that were pulling them apart. There are tender moments of romance, thought-provoking suspense and plenty of action as they try to escape their unique and heartbreaking circumstances. I personally enjoyed this even more than her first book Full Disclosure and can't wait to see what she comes out with next.
Melissa, CA
I finished Abandoned Identity! I didn't want it to end!! Just like Full Disclosure, I found myself not wanting to put it down. All the twists and turns....AWESOME!!! You are so very talented! Good job!
Jennifer, CA

Reviews of Full Disclosure

“Do you enjoy the intrigue and suspense of a great mystery?  Do you like to read a book that keeps you up into the night because you can’t put it down? Then you’ll be captivated by Full Disclosure.  Drop all else and escape into a thrilling and romantic whodunit with unexpected twists and turns. Tamara, we can hardly wait to see you next book!”         
-Bob Phillips, New York Times Best Selling Author

This quickly became my favorite book! This book made me start praying that another would come soon. I tell everyone about it.
Jessica Reeves - 25 years - Modesto, CA

I luv your book Full Disclosure.  I couldn't put the book down till I reached the end.  I can't wait till I read Abandoned Identity! :)
Melissa Diller - 14 years - Greencastle, PA

Well I finished it rather quickly, in two days actually. I really enjoyed the novel very much. The characters and the plot were compelling and made me want to keep reading. In fact, a sequel to find out more about these people might be fun. It's truly a compliment if the characters were so interesting and likeable that I'd like to read about them again. The suspenseful part of the plot was exciting and made me want to keep reading. The twists and turns really kept my interest. Thanks for the great read!
Jana - Visalia, CA

Hi Tamara, my name is Valerie and I recently read your book. All I can say is, Awesome, awesome, awesome! I am not a big reader if something does not interest me, but I could not put it down which for a single mom, that is very hard to do. It is very hard to believe that was your first book, I cannot wait for the 2nd. I can only say great things about this book! On a scale from 1-10, I give it 50! Good luck and God Bless! I just had to let you know I am a fan! Thanks for your time.
Valerie - Bakersfield, CA

I purchased your book at Hume Lake during a couples conference. WOW. I could not put it down I read it straight through without stopping, it truly is a great read. Congratulations. I have loaned it to a co-worker and am praying others will go buy it when it gets to the stores. Thank-you for a great story and here is to continued success.
Blessings, Joanne Barto

Full Disclosure was a great way to start off my summer. I loved the character development, beautiful scenery description, and plot twist. I'm not a quick reader but this book quickly pulled me into the story and I could not wait to see how the next chapter unfolded. Anytime of the year, this is a great book to kick back, relax and let it take you away.
Toni Kovach - Las Vegas - NV

My sister-in-law and I bought Full Disclosure at the Hume Lake mother/daughter conference and I just finished it. This is the 5th book I have ever read in my life and I trulyyyyyy enjoyed it. I wish it could have been a lot longer. I cant wait till the next one so please let me know when we can get your next book...thanks and god bless...

Hi Tamara! Your book was great! Congratulations on having your first one published. I look forward to your next book. I was surprised by the romantic/sexy side that was portrayed in your book.
Tracy Garton

My daughter-in-law, Cindy Franklin, gave me your book for my birthday. I read it quickly, then passed it on to my two daughters. We loved it. Action packed, clean language, suspense. Thanks, Tamara for the good book. I would love to read more of your books.
Sincerely, In Christ, Karen

I absolutely loved this book! I couldn't put it down and ended up reading the whole thing in one night. You did a wonderful job creating good characters and a great story line!
Gina - 34 years - Lawndale, CA

I just wanted to tell you how much I liked Full Disclosure. What a compelling, interesting, and well-written tale. I still feel like I know Jack, Ciara, and the whole group. The characters and the settings were so clear to me. Again, I cheer you for your entertaining novel.
Elaine - Goleta, CA

Full Disclosure was so good, I'm sad it's over. I didn't want to put it down. It was well-written with romance, mystery, twists you hoped for and unexpected ones, too. I loved the characters and got so invested in them. I loved it and can't wait for another. Keep up the good work, you truly have a talent.
Denise - 31 years - Hawthorne, CA

You know you have a good book when you can love a character and hate a character. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Doug – Fresno, CA

I love your book Full Disclosure and look forward to more of your books.
Carolyn – Medina, OH

I read you book and loved it. It was a real tear-jerker. The intrigue was really suspenseful, making me want to read more. My only regret is that the story ended. Thanks for the good read.
Pam – Stockton, CA

I am ready to read the next book. It was a great and exciting experience. Well done! Keep them coming.
Veronica – Coral Springs, FL

I was glued to the pages. It was amazing! I loved everything about it! The love of GOD that was weaved throughout the story, the characters, the suspense, EVERYTHING was so great!!! I can't wait for more. Thank you for sharing with the world the stories God has put in your heart and mind. Keep up the good work!
Amy - 24 years - Lakewood, CA

I applaud you. The book was amazing. I finished it in three nights. It was nearly impossible to put down. I can’t wait to read your next book. I can’t tell you enough how wonderful the story is. It sucked me in where I felt like I was right along side the characters. I would love to see this in a movie someday. Awesome! Congrats on your success.
Jennifer – 30 years – Coalinga, CA

Your book was awesome. I couldn’t put it down. You are truly gifted as a writer and it’s great you are using it to serve the Lord. I read a lot of different authors and you are as GOOD as any of them on the list of big names. Keep writing and I can’t wait to read the next book.
Charlene – 50 years – Lake Isabella, CA